Irish Aikido Federation 

Beginner Friendly classes Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday,

 First class is free!

Macken Street, Dublin 2

The dojo is open to new members! Whether you've practiced before, or it's totally new - Come practice Aikido with us!

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Aikido is a Japanese, natural movement martial art to co-ordinate mind and body for health, defence, and self-development. 
The principle is to avoid attack, blend with your attackers movement, and establish control. Aikido is suitable for people of all shapes and sizes!

You can read more about Aikido here.

The Irish Aikido Federation - Ireland Aikikai, founded in 1973, is a recognised authority to teach Aikido in Ireland, by the Aikikai Foundation, Tokyo. The Irish Aikido Federation is a member of the International Aikido Federation.  

The Wicklow Aikido Club has also reopened - every Thursday at 7pm.

Aikido has many benefits - fitness, co-ordination, effective martial techniques, learning, and no competition - Aikido is very safe to practice.

Our chief instructor, Seán MacRuairí, 7th Dan, has practiced Aikido for 50 years, and was Assistant Chairman of the International Aikido Federation (IAF).

Some photos from our June 2023 visiting seminar by Y. Irie Sensei.

The dojo is open to new members, you just need to register!

Here are the current class times:

We can be found on Macken Street, just off Pearse Street.

The dojo is a 10 minute walk from Pearse Station and Grand Canal Station, and is also serviced by the following bus routes:

A photo from our December 2022 Weekend Seminar

Some pre-pandemic training

Resources, such as downloadable forms, training guides and policies

International affiliations to the Aikikai Foundation and the International Aikido Federation

Information about the Irish Aikido Federation

A demonstration of Aikido practice in the Pandemic - by Kumazawa Sensei for International Aikido Federation.

This is very similar to the Aikido we practice.