What is Aikido?

Aikido is a natural movement martial art to co-ordinate mind and body for health, defense and self-development. Aikido is primarily concerned with the education and development of character, the co-ordination of mind and body, and fostering a positive attitude and spirit of peace through training in physical and mental self-discipline. Based on graceful circular movements, Aikido is a sophisticated self-defense training method incorporating deep breathing and flexibility training as well as a wide range of movements and techniques. 

Aikido is a modern development of Japanese martial tradition. Through the practice of Aikido one’s character is developed so that one’s strength is expressed softly in movement. This is exactly like nature: nature’s movements are efficient, rational and soft while the centre is firm and stable. 

For more information on Aikido, see the about aikido section of the Aikikai Foundation website at http://www.aikikai.or.jp/eng/aikido/about.html